Information technology — SEDRIS —
Part 2: Abstract transmittal format

ISO/IEC 18023-2

This document is Part 2 (Abstract transmittal format) of ISO/IEC 18023, SEDRIS. The full title is: Information technology — Synthetic Environment Data Representation and Interchange Specification (SEDRIS) — Part 2: Abstract transmittal format.





1 Scope

A Guidelines for encodings


2 Normative references



3 Definitions



4 Concepts



5 Transmittal structure



6 Conformance


The Foreword provides background on the standards process for this International Standard. The Introduction describes the purpose and design goals of this part of ISO/IEC 18023. This part of ISO/IEC 18023 contains the following clauses:

  1. Scope specifies the technology area covered by this part of ISO/IEC 18023.
  2. Normative references lists the normative references.
  3. Definitions defines the terms used within this part of ISO/IEC 18023.
  4. Concepts describes various fundamentals of this part of ISO/IEC 18023.
  5. Transmittal structure defines the organization of a SEDRIS transmittal.
  6. Conformance specifies the criteria by which implementations of this part of ISO/IEC 18023 can claim conformance.

The following informative annex is included in this part of ISO/IEC 18023:

  1. Guidelines for encodings provides advice on developing concrete encodings of SEDRIS transmittals.