Part 4:  C

ISO/IEC 18042-4

This document is ISO/IEC 18042-4, Spatial Reference Model (SRM) binding to the C programming language.¬† The full title of this International Standard is: Information technology — Computer graphics and image processing — Spatial Reference Model (SRM)¬†language bindings — Part 4: C.





1 Scope

A Bound constructs in compilation order


2 Normative references

B Example object usage


3 Concepts



4 Tables



5 Type definitions



6 Object class definitions


The Foreword provides background on the standards process for SRM language bindings. The Introduction describes the purpose, design criteria, and characteristics of this part of ISO/IEC 18042. The following clauses define this part of ISO/IEC 18042:

  1. Scope defines the subject covered by this part of ISO/IEC 18042.
  2. Normative references lists the normative references.
  3. Concepts describes various fundamentals of this International Standard.
  4. Tables describes the mapping between abstract names and bound names.
  5. Type definitions defines the binding of abstract data types to C data types.
  6. Object class definitions defines the binding of object class definitions to C function prototypes.

There are two annexes included in this part of ISO/IEC 18042:

  1. Bound constructs in compilation order contains all bound constructs in compilation order.
  2. Example object usage describes how the constructs for creating and accessing objects are used.