4, Throughout

Remove all occurrences of "Â" from the HTML., 2nd para

Remove the last ")" in the last sentence., 1st word

Replace the first occurrence of "transmittals" with "Transmittals"., Table 4.4

Replace the hyperlink target of SRFT label "Local_Space_Rectangular_3D" with "LSR_3D_Location.html" Spatial axes

Replace that portion of the text of the first paragraph that precedes the first list with the following text:

"A spatial <DRM Axis> instance X is a <DRM Axis> component of a <DRM Property Grid> instance G such that X represents a component of the SRF specified by G and has one of the following as its axis_type field value:"

Remove the paragraph following the first list., Figure 4.18

Replace Figure 4.18 with the following:

Description: arc.png


Italicize all occurrences of "<DRM Feature Hierarchy>" and "<DRM Geometry Hierarchy>".


Replace the text of the EXAMPLE with the following text:

"EXAMPLE  A <DRM Quadrant Related Geometry> instance representing some area of terrain may include a lake within its boundaries, such that one or more of the quadrants has no non-bathymetric terrain. (Conversely, a <DRM Quadrant Related Geometry> instance organizing <DRM Property Grid> instances describing various properties of a region of sea water may omit a quadrant because it corresponds to an island.)"


In the second sentence, replace "Geoemtry" with "Geometry"

Replace the two occurrences of "<DRM LOCATION>" with "<DRM LOCATION 3D>".

Replace the 2nd through the 4th sentences with the following text:

"A model is embodied in the DRM through the class <DRM Model>. This class allows a model to contain both a feature representation and a geometry representation. The feature representation is specified using an instance of the <DRM Feature Model> class and the geometry representation is specified using an instance of the <DRM Geometry Model> class. A model is constructed with a specific SRF and has field values that indicate:", item c

Replace the word "hierarch" with "hierarchy".

4.21.1 Overview

Replace "International Registry of Graphical Items1" with "International Register of Items1".

4.21.2 Registration of selection item values

In the third paragraph, replace "International Registry of Graphical Items" with "International Register of Items".

In the last paragraph, replace "Registry of Graphical Items" with "International Register of Items".

4.21.3 Registration of set members

In the first paragraph, replace "Registry of Graphical Items" with "International Register of Items".

4 Footnote 1

Replace the contents of Footnote 1 with the following text:

"1 Contact information for the ISO-designated Registration Authority for Items registered under the ISO/IEC 9973 procedures is available at the ISO Maintenance Agencies and Registration Authorities web site:  http://www.iso.org/iso/standards_development/maintenance_agencies.htm."