5.1.2 Topics

Replace Table 5.1 with the following:


5 Encoding of data types

5.1 Introduction

5.1.1 Description

5.1.2 Topics

5.1.3 Notation conventions

5.1.4 Rules for encoding data types

5.2 Encoding of STF-specific data types

5.2.1 STF primitive data types

5.2.2 STF_Octet

5.2.3 Integer representations Overview OCE8_Unsigned OCE8_Signed STF_Byte_Unsigned STF_Short_Integer_Unsigned STF_Integer_Unsigned

5.2.4 Floating point representations Overview STF_Float STF_Long_Float

5.2.5 Record representations Overview STF_Data_Table_Extents STF_Data_Table_Sentinel_Type STF_FBO STF_Index_Range

5.2.6 STF_Characters

5.2.7 STF_Object_Type

5.3 Encoding of SEDRIS data types

5.3.1 Overview

5.3.2 SEDRIS basic data types Integer data types Floating point data types Character data type Octet data type

5.3.3 SEDRIS enumerated data types Overview Boolean Colour_Binding Image_Scan_Direction Image_Scan_Direction_Z Interval_Type LSR_Transformation_Axis Model_Reference_Type Month Octant Point_Light_Display_Type Present_In Quadrant Reference_Surface_Elevation_Select Reference_Surface_LOD_Select State_Mismatch_Behaviour

5.3.4 SEDRIS selection data types

5.3.5 SEDRIS set data types Overview Colour_Mapping Display_Side Display_Style Polygon_Flags Presentation_Domain

5.3.6 SEDRIS array data types

5.3.7 SEDRIS record data types General form Address Animation_Range CMY_Data Contact_Information Count_Interval_Value Data_Quality_Element Data_Table_Data Data_Table_Sub_Extent Element_Type HSV_Data Image_Data Image_MIP_Extents Image_Texel_Location_3D Index_Range Integer_Interval_Value Interval_Value Locale Long_Float_Interval_Value Long_Float_Value Property_Code RGB_Data Rotation_Data Single_Value SRF_Context_Info String Telephone_Information Text_Font Time_Day_Of_Year_Value Time_M_Value Time_MD_H_Value Time_MD_HM_Value Time_MD_HMS_Value Time_Value Time_Y_Value Time_YD_Value Time_YD_H_Value Time_YD_HM_Value Time_YD_HMS_Value Time_YMD_Value Time_YMD_H_Value Time_YMD_HM_Value Time_YMD_HMS_Value URL URN

5.3.8 Other SEDRIS data types

5.4 Encoding of EDCS data types

5.4.1 Overview

5.4.2 EDCS basic data types EDCS integer data types EDCS floating point data types

5.4.3 EDCS enumerated data types Overview EDCS_Boolean EDCS_Null

5.4.4 EDCS selection data types

5.4.5 EDCS record data types General form EDCS_Attribute_Value EDCS_Count_Interval EDCS_Count_Value EDCS_Integer_Interval EDCS_Integer_Value EDCS_Locale EDCS_Long_Float_Value EDCS_String

5.5 Encoding of SRM data types

5.5.1 Overview

5.5.2 SRM basic data types Integer data types Floating point data types

5.5.3 SRM enumerated data types Overview SRM_Axis_Direction SRM_Boolean SRM_Polar_Aspect

5.5.4 SRM selection data types

5.5.5 SRM array data types

5.5.6 SRM record data types General form SRM_CD_3D_Coordinate SRM_CD_Surface_Coordinate SRM_Coordinate SRM_EC_Parameters SRM_EI_3D_Coordinate SRM_Equatorial_Spherical_3D_Coordinate SRM_Euclidean_2D_Coordinate SRM_Euclidean_3D_Coordinate SRM_LCC_Parameters SRM_LCE_Parameters SRM_Local_Tangent_Parameters SRM_LSA_2D_Coordinate SRM_LSP_2D_Coordinate SRM_LSR_2D_Parameters SRM_LSR_3D_Parameters SRM_LTSAS_3D_Coordinate SRM_LTSAS_Surface_Coordinate SRM_LTSC_3D_Coordinate SRM_LTSC_Surface_Coordinate SRM_LTSE_3D_Coordinate SRM_LTSE_Parameters SRM_LTSE_Surface_Coordinate SRM_Map_Projection_3D_Coordinate SRM_Map_Projection_Surface_Coordinate SRM_M_Parameters SRM_Oblique_Mercator_Parameters SRM_PD_3D_Coordinate SRM_PD_Surface_Coordinate SRM_PS_Parameters SRM_SRF_Parameters_Info SRM_SRFS_Code_Info SRM_SRFS_Info SRM_SRFT_Parameters SRM_TM_Parameters

5.6 Encoding of ISO 19115 data types

5.6.1 Overview

5.6.2 ISO 19115 selection data types

5.6.3 ISO 19115 record data types General form CI_OnlineResource

5.3.6 SEDRIS array data types

Remove the paragraph beginning with the text: "The following  are the SEDRIS array data types specifically..." and ending with "...no length field shall be provided.". Image_Texel_Location_3D

Replace all occurrences of data type "Short_Integer_Unsigned" with data type "Integer_Unsigned".

5.5.5 SRM array data types

Insert the following data types immediately preceding the specification of data type SRM_Vector_3D:

"SRM_Matrix_3x3 is encoded as nine SRM_Long_Float elements.

SRM_Matrix_4x4 is encoded as sixteen SRM_Long_Float elements."

5.5.6 SRM record data types

In SRM_Coordinate data type specification for CM_3D, HAEC_3D, HEEC_3D, HEEQ_3D, SEC_3D, and SEQ_3D, replace "Spherical" with "Equatorial_Spherical".

In SRM_Coordinate data type specification for PD_3D and PD_SURFACE, replace "CD" with "PD".

In SRM_Coordinate data type specification for SMD_3D and SME_3D, replace "Spherical" with "Euclidean".

Insert the following subclause after subclause

" SRM_Equatorial_Spherical_3D_Coordinate

longitude : SRM_Long_Float

latitude : SRM_Long_Float

radius : SRM_Long_Float


In in the data type for SRM_LSTP_2D_Coordinate, the order of fields should be reversed.

Insert the following subclauses and after subclause

" SRM_PD_3D_Coordinate

latitude : SRM_Long_Float

longitude : SRM_Long_Float

ellipsoidal_height : SRM_Long_Float SRM_PD_Surface_Coordinate

latitude : SRM_Long_Float

longitude : SRM_Long_Float


Renumber all subclauses.