Viewing PDF Files Online Using Your Browser

ISO/IEC 18026 (SRM) is a multi-file PDF document with many cross-file links throughout the standard.

Some browsers do not support multi-file PDF documents, and the links to other files will not work unless the appropriate PDF viewer plug- in has been installed.

Depending on your platform and your browser, you may need to install (or activate) a capable PDF viewer plug-in in order to navigate the links of a multi-file PDF document.

The latest Adobe Reader's PDF plug-in supports multi-file PDF links on most platforms and browsers, including Windows 7 and 8 (using Firefox) and Mac OS 10.10 (using Safari).

Some browsers, such as Chrome 64-bit, are not compatible with Adobe Reader plug-in.

On Windows platforms, PDF-XChange Viewer (as a plug-in or as a stand alone application) also supports multi-file PDF links.

The latest versions of the Internet Explorer for Windows seem to support multi-file PDF links without the need to install a new PDF plug-in.

If viewing the ISO/IEC 18026 in your browser is not possible, you can download the standard to your machine, since most local (non-browser-based) PDF viewers do support multi-file PDF links.

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